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Workshops Header Image by Joanna Kosinska


I love to support people’s learning on how to use tarot and astrology in their creative and professional lives. Reach out if you want to learn more about upcoming workshops (all are taught virtually using Zoom).

Tarot for Creatives Workshop | Sticks & Stones | Image by CA Creative

Tarot For Creatives

In this introductory course, we will learn Tarot basics and how to apply them in your creative practice to navigate blocks and uncertainty while building your intuitive muscles through daily tarot rituals and prompts. Connect with other creatives and build some new routines for your practice and projects using tarot.  

Evolutionary Astrology Workshop | Sticks & Stones | Image by Cat Crawford

Evolutionary Astrology 101

Exploring the Soul's Journey

Learn how to go deeper in your astrology practice with Pluto. This course is designed for students with intermediate knowledge of astrology but who are new to evolutionary astrology principles. Here we will focus on the teachings Jeffrey Wolfe Green and other evolutionary astrologers who focus on Pluto placements for understanding past lives, early childhood, intergenerational trauma signatures and other unconscious drives that show up in birth charts that are often ignored within traditional Western Astrology methods.

Moon Cycles Workshop | Sticks & Stones | Image by Abed Ismail

Working With Moon Cycles

Fluid Structures: Working with Moon Cycles for Co-Creation and Project Management

Working with the moon cycle can be a great way to enhance your project’s success, from beginning to completion. Learn everything you need to know about the different moon phases and how best to co-create with these energies in both fluid and structured ways.

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