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Christina Foisy of Sticks & Stones

About Me

Hi, my name is Christina. 

I'm a Leo (Sun) and Scorpio (Rising) with a penchant for poetry and sound art. I work as a consultant and Health Equity Specialist the mental health field.

Over the past 25 years, I have used tarot to deepen my intuition and creative practice and I’ve been practicing Evolutionary Astrology since 2013.

I have spent my academic career (Master’s of Education and Ph.D. in Health Humanities from York University) studying the ethics of listening and radical compassion for working-through difficult histories. 

All of these fields have refined my interpretative expertise and meaning-making skills. I am also a published poet and I have found the symbolism of the tarot very useful for my creative process.

In addition to Astrology and Tarot, I am also an Artist, Author and Academic.

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