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Blog Post

Welcome to My Blog!

A deep dive into the world of tarot and astrology with a dash of salt for taste.

What you will find here

This ain't no pop-astrology influencer branded woo woo blog, it's a place for salty and straightforward analysis with a bit of humour for good measure. No sugar-coated "love and light" cruel optimism here, it's all about shining a light onto the difficult parts of our collective story so we can laugh, cry and work-through the knots with patience for one another. Justice, peace, mutual-aid and sovereignty are at the core of my values which I reflect in my readings (can you tell I am from the Pluto in Libra generation?). In my blog, I uphold those values and share the more vulnerable part of my process, the behind-the-scenes context.

Each month, I will share insights on the New Moon & Full Moon cycles with examples from the broader social fabric in addition to a tarot spread for the collective.

I will also share tools and resources for learning about tarot and evolutionary astrology as well as information about upcoming workshops and events (example workshops: Tarot for Creatives, Fluid Structures: Working with Moon Cycles in Project Planning).

Christina Foisy (PhD) is a down-to-earth evolutionary tarot reader and astrologer who helps individuals strengthen their intuitive muscles so they can sturdy the bones of their narrative arc towards collective and harmonic balance. She has been using tarot and astrology for over 25 years to figure out how to move beyond merely "documenting damage" (Tuck) to truly being someone who could co-create with planetary cycles and listen deeply to her ancestors through tarot archetypes.

One last thing

Please don't ask me to predict whether or not you will win the lottery or marry your high-school sweetheart. I don't know. The cards don't know either. BUT I can help you figure out why you are asking those questions right now and what you could do to find the ground and feel more aligned with your goals. My next blog post will be about how to ask the right questions in a tarot or astrology reading so be sure to stay tuned.

Let's work together!

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