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Areas of Expertise

Tarot & Astrology Counseling​
Ph.D. in Health Humanities.  

For the past 20 years, I have used tarot as a symbolic guide, and tool for navigating the unconscious, which has been life-affirming and life-changing. This passion has trickled into all aspects of what I do: from poetry to research. 


Tarot helps erode the words and beliefs that no longer serve and generate new vocabulary for us to thrive with possibilities, insights, and ways of seeing that reflect our highest potential. 


I recently completed an Astrology Interpretation certification with astrologer Emily Todd. I find astrology useful for helping clients figure out what areas of life are being triggered by planetary transits and how best to work with those influences. I also do birth chart reports and can easily incorporate that information into one's tarot reading.      


Contact Me

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I work with Tarot & Astrology clients in my Toronto home-office in Trinity Bellwoods or virtually via Zoom / Webex.


Send me an email or text, and I will get in touch! 

I usually do a brief needs assessment with my clients over the phone prior to meeting to ensure that we are on the same page. Please note, that tarot and astrology counseling should not replace psychological and emotional counseling. I encourage folks to seek out the resources they need to live their best life.    


To book a session, email: 

Tel: 647-574--0650

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