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Areas of Expertise


Tarot & Astrology Counseling 

I help people make meaning.


I’m not a fortune-teller, so I don’t predict the future—or pretend to. Instead, I help people navigate murky waters, achieve goals and regain direction.

As a poet, researcher and consultant, I spend a lot of time reading into things—unearthing subtleties, turning images over until I find what resonates. I weave coherent and inspiring stories with my client through tarot imagery. I see it as a collaborative, dialogic process, that opens up new channels of understanding for both myself and my clients.  


Overall, I aim to be accessible, conversational and fun in my approach. I focus on possibilities and highest potentials and want my clients to feel like they have some direction by the end of our session.


In addition to tarot, I have recently completed an Astrology certification and am keen on weaving the two interpretative arts together.


Let’s work together!

I love reading for your milestone events:  birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, bridal showers etc. 

All readings include sage smudging, singing bowl, and clear quartz crystals: 





90 minutes (11 cards): $120 


60 mins (6 cards): $80


Birth Chart Reading and Report (must know time/place of birth): $150 




3 sessions 90 minutes: $250 (save $20)

3 sessions 60 minutes:  $220 (save $20)


6 sessions 90 minutes: $490 (save $50)

6 sessions 60 minutes: $430 (save $50)


Hi, my name is Christina. 


I'm an ENFP, Leo (Sun) and Libra (Moon) with a penchant for poetry and sound art. I work as a consultant and researcher within the mental health field.


I have spent my academic career (Masters of Education, Ph.D. in Health Humanities from York University) devoted to unearthing what lies beneath the surface of representations and developed mechanisms for engaging a “silence that speaks” (Derrida). Some of my work includes psychoanalytic interpretation of postpartum suicide-survivor narratives, autobiographies of change, sound-art installation, ethics of listening, feminisms and critical health humanities, as well as the implementation community health and wellness innovations.

All of these fields have refined my interpretative expertise and meaning-making skills. I am also a published poet and I have found the symbolism of the tarot very useful for my creative process.

My Approach
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